Why we do it?

We want to protect our children, online and offline. Online has some hidden dangers that parents don't think of; we want to share with friends and family but we don't think of the cost of doing so.

Creating an online presence for your children can expose them to:

  • Predators,
  • Digital Kidnapping,
  • Bullying,

to name a few.

In addition, popular social media and cloud based websites collect data from the photos and sell the personal information to advertisers and third parties.

Information such as:

  • Age,
  • Sex,
  • Mood,
  • Activity,
  • Scenery,
  • Text,
  • and common objects.

Information that can be used for marketing, targeted advertisement, or physiological profiles. Show Example

Just like you, we want our children to be safe and we want our privacy when it comes down to our family. Yet we want to share our lives with friends and family.

Photoprivy is here to answer that call. Giving you a secure and private platform to share your photos with friends and family with.

How it works?

Create your album. Invite your friends and family to the album. Invite others to collaborate and post to the album.

Post your photos to the album. Organize the photos by the date they were taken.

Only people you've invited into the album will be able to view the photos.

Our Principles

  1. Privacy and security should not be compromised just to be able to share with friends and family.
  2. Private data should not be sold or exposed for a profit. Your data is just as private as our own.
  3. Companies should be transparent on what data they are collecting and how they use it. Not hiding behind an abstract or vague terms and conditions.

Why pay for it?

If you're not paying for it, your data is at risk of being sold.

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  • Comment
  • Love content

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  • Everything in Follower
  • Create albums
  • Post photos
  • Post videos up to 5 minutes

$5/ month

  • Everything in Contributor
  • Post videos up to 1 hour
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