privacy-first design and focus

The lack of privacy-first design practices on other platforms has resulted in numerous privacy violations and lawsuits. Millions of children's online photos have been stolen and used by pedophiles, digital kidnappers, and other bad actors online, and it's time to change that! Photoprivy, a privacy-first platform, is here to help parents share their children's photos privately and securely with friends and family.

data not for sale

Photoprivy believes that people should have the fundamental right to privacy online. All personal data is kept confidential and never sold to third parties. You have the right to know what information is collected and how Photoprivy is using that data.

Invitation Only

Invite your family and friends to follow your Stories. Only the Photoprivy users you invite to follow your Story will be able to view the photos you upload to that Story. Give select followers in your Story the ability to contribute to the Story.

Organize Your Stories

Upload your photos to multiple stories, no need to choose or have duplicate photos when a photo is for multiple Stories. Add categories like "Birthday," "Holiday," "Soccer," etc., to your photos to group photos in your Story together, making it easier to go down memory lane.

Easy to use interface

Photoprivy works hard to make sharing photos with family as easy as possible while keeping your photos secure and private. So easy that grandparents can easily view your children's photos and follow your children's Story. Photoprivy is open to all feedback and welcomes it.
Share Privately - Share Confidently
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