Privacy Back in Your Hands

Quickly and easily select who can view your photos by selecting which Stories, Share Groups, or Contacts you send them to. Only the people you send the photo to will be able to view, comment, or love the photo.

Want someone else in your family to help you manage your child's Story? Do the grandparents want to contribute to their grandchild's Story? No problem! You control which followers can help contribute or administrate the Story.

Stay Organized

Build a story for your family, your child, the dog, or however you like to organize your photos.

Add milestones, events, birthdays, or any other category you can think of to organize your photos. Filter by the category later to go down memory lane or see how your child is progressing.

Stay Connected

Stay up to date with your feed that is organized how you want and not by an algorithm. Get timely notifications on photos shared with you.

The entire family can use Photoprivy to share privately, comment on, or love photos; on a phone or a computer.

Private and Secure

We don't sell or share your data. You retain the rights to your photos, and we cannot, nor want to, use your photos for advertising or marketing purposes.

Your photos are stored on our encrypted servers. Unlike other sites, which only secure your posts and not your photos, we take the extra step to ensure both are secure and private.

Make the most of Photoprivy

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All the features in our Free plan with unlimited uploads
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All the features you need to keep the parents connected to the team.
  • Upload as the organization
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